Bi-Directional Amplifiers in Clemson, SCBi-Directional Amplifiers, BDA Systems, and BDA Installation in Clemson, Laurens, Simpsonville, Anderson, Spartanburg, Greenville, SC, and Surrounding Areas

BDA Systems from Autech

98% of all buildings have ‘dead spots’ due to structural barriers that block communication signals. Your building is one of them.

These dead spots represent the areas where first responders cannot receive vital communication radio frequencies (rf). Barriers such as concrete, cement, brick and some metals can block signals resulting in these dead spots. Signals get weaker and weaker and eventually stop all together leaving first responders without methods of communicating with each other and operation bases. This is why all buildings are required to provide adequate signal coverage throughout their location using Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDAs).

Bi-Directional Amplifier Installation (BDA Installation)

Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDA) improve communication and signal strength through:

  • Installation of “donor” antenna. The donor antenna is typically installed on the building’s roof to receive signals directly from the local public safety radio antenna. However, it can be installed on the side of the building structure if that installation provides a clearer path.
  • Link to Bi-Directional Amplifier. The Amplifier will select which frequencies are to be amplified throughout the BDA system. This frequency will differ from municipality to municipality.
  • Signal delivery through RF distribution network. This is usually on a floor by floor level through “taps”, “splitters” or “decouplers”. This can differ due to area coverage and signal strength as first determined in the initial site survey.
  • Coaxial cable or fiber optic distribution. Through indoor antennas for full coverage of signals based on the distribution plan best for each location.

BDA Systems in Laurens, SCBDA Systems

Bi-Directional Amplifier by Honeywell

BDA systems are quite an engineering marvel in how they are able to distribute signals in some of the deepest and furthest areas from outside radio frequencies. Some areas with the heaviest structural construction are also the areas that require essential communication during safety and security threats:

  • Underground transportation – trains, subways, car tunnels
  • Building safety areas – stairways, shelter rooms
  • Problematic areas – basement HVAC systems, pump rooms

Also, one donor antenna and BDA can be set up to work for multiple buildings:

  • School campuses and universities
  • Shopping centers
  • Prison complexes
  • Parks and recreational facilities

BDA Installation in South Carolina

Autech is a natural source for BDAs in the Clemson, Laurens, Simpsonville, Anderson, Spartanburg and Greenville areas. Our knowledge of local codes and commercial systems easily converts and assists in BDA installation. Each municipality will have its own frequency and requirements for BDA systems. We are familiar with achieving code compliance and completing the required closeout documentation.

  • Relationships with top manufacturers of BDA systems, cable and accessories
  • Initial site survey to locate dead spots
  • Knowledge of local codes, zoning boards and closeout documentation
  • Technicians and engineers with knowledge of electrical systems, back-up power supplies and preplanning engineering
  • Testing and inspections that comply with the requirements of NFPA and IFC

BDA systems are often installed along the same lines as security systems or alarm systems. The reasoning is that these systems are designed to provide adequate coverage whether for security, safety or monitoring. You can trust the experience of Autech that has been working since 2006 in the designing and installation of fire alarm systems, access control, video surveillance and all other forms of safety and security systems.


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