Alarm Systems and Burglar Alarm in Anderson SC, Greenville, Spartanburg and Surrounding Areas

If you run a business, you will understand the importance of safety in your workplace. One of the pivotal responsibilities being the owner of the company is to protect your employees. Moreover, your office will also consist of important data and confidential information about your clients. And one of the potential threats that is faced by many commercial areas nowadays is fire. This is a disaster which can happen at any point. Therefore, taking a precaution is a must. You should install fire alarms in your building so that the building can be evacuated at the earliest and your crucial commercial belongings can also be saved. We, at Autech, can provide you with high-quality commercial fire alarm systems. We understand the sort of devastation that can be caused by the heat, flames, smoke, and water. Therefore, we make sure that the authorities are conveyed about the emergency immediately in order to keep the damage minimal. We also have highly experienced and well-trained technicians to install these for you. So, if you are looking for advanced models of commercial fire alarms in areas like Anderson SC, Clemson SC, Greenville, Laurens SC, Simpsonville, or Spartanburg, you can rely on us.

Alarm Systems and Burglar Alarm in Anderson SC, Greenville, SpartanburgHere, we have put together a few features we offer in our commercial fire alarms. Take a look.

  • Multi-Channel Voice Evacuation

We have developed a highly intelligent, multi-channel control and even a voice evacuation system for such fire-based emergencies.

  • Wireless Detection

Made for the hard-to-wire buildings, the restricted access areas, temporary buildings, or the under construction sites, we can offer the wireless detection systems in our alarm systems.

  • Mass Notifications

We understand that true mitigation begins with providing the right information at the right time. So, we have a mass notification system which can create and deliver the high-powered strobe communication, make audio announcements, give SMS text alerts, emails, computer pop-ups, and so on, which will make people aware of the emergency.

  • Smoke Detection

Our commercial alarms will be able to detect fire and smoke in the inaccessible areas with the aspirating smoke detectors, which can be remotely configured and monitored and also programmed for notifying via email up to 6 recipients.

In order to install such modern and innovative commercial fire alarms, please contact us at the earliest.